Our services give you choices to help you build or enhance your home.

And as always, our commitment to excellence is a given

New Builds.

At Lean 2 Constructions, we have a passion for new builds that are both beautiful and functional. Our extensive training and experience in building greener and more sustainable homes mean we can build the home of your dreams, while incorporating energy efficiencies.

And because we provide a complete service, our strong partnerships with all the relevant local tradespeople mean we can complete and deliver an exceptional home that embodies your vision.

Discover how Lean 2 can deliver your energy saving dream home.

Project design

Sometimes your project may need a little help so you can get the design process completed. We can collaborate with draftspeople, engineers and architects to ensure that your plans truly represent your requirements for your build.

And if you’re not sure of the paint colours, fixtures and fittings you want, our interior designer can advise you, so your home will reflect your own style and taste.

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Our renovation services include kitchen and bathroom renovations, or specific living areas. Or we can renovate your whole house to give you contemporary spaces that really work for you.
We take the time to discover what you want your renovation to achieve, the fixtures and fittings you love, and the colour schemes throughout.

And because we use the right skilled local trades, your exceptional end result will be completed sooner.

Decks and outdoor living spaces.

Whether you’re building a new home and want to include decking or an outdoor living area, or you’d just like these added to your existing home, we’ll design them to enhance your home and optimise the available space

Want a great outdoor area?

Decks and outdoor living spaces in Jindabyne