Project Crackenback

Nestled in the heart of the snowy mountains, our Lake Crackenback remodel project awaits, where modern elegance seamlessly blends with architectural innovation. This exceptional living space is graced by a captivating black spine that winds through the apartment, connecting various areas and introducing a dramatic touch to the design.

The black spine is more than just an architectural feature; it’s a statement of sophistication and creativity. As it gracefully weaves its way through the apartment, it defines spaces and creates an intriguing atmosphere, perfectly complementing the breathtaking surroundings of the snowy mountains.

To enhance this central feature, we offer a high-end joinery package, featuring custom cabinetry and storage solutions crafted with precision and finished with premium materials. These elements add functionality and opulence to your mountain retreat.

We’re proud to emphasize our commitment to sustainability through the use of locally sourced recycled timbers, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere while reducing the project’s carbon footprint, in harmony with the pristine natural environment that surrounds the apartment.

Experience refined living in the heart of the snowy mountains, where the captivating black spine, high-end joinery, and recycled timbers converge to create an environment that exudes elegance, sophistication, and a deep appreciation for both design and the serene beauty of nature.